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the-principalThere is an old Chinese adage 'while planning for a year, plant a corn; while planning for a decade, plant trees, while planning for life, educate children;' which very clearly hints at the significance of education in moulding good citizens. Children need to be nurtured to be the pride of their parents, the honor and glory of their almamaters and an asset to their motherland.

Once the child enters the threshold of his/her almamater, he/she treats himself/herself on the tapestry of dream. But with the passage of time, he/she moves away from the world of innocence and enters the world of crude realities. Here lies the role of we elders i.e. parents & the teachers who are to act as the facilitators & guiding light to them so that the dreams of our children are materialized, which is not a small responsibility. Like a tender sapling that grows into resplendent sprawling tree, their dreams have to be nurtured very tenderly.

Alas ! the reality is altogether different. We find children living the dreams of their parents/elders where the ultimate goal is to make maximum money. Children are afraid of their failures when they are unable to cope up with the expectations of their parents/elders which is really pathetic. Is life all about big jobs and big cars ? This mad-mad race after money has crushed the dreams of our children. Creativity of children has been totally lost in this quagmire proving a threat to the society of high expectations of making more and more money. Here lies our role ……. Our role as parents/teachers/elders.

We as elders have to undergo a sea change and change our mind sets so that the children are made to think in their own way and develop as wholesome human-beings having implicit faith & trust in their abilities. Our job as stakeholders is simply to encourage them and to channelize their interests so that their vision is not ruined and they grow as the personalities having their independent thought & reasoning. They have to be given a feeling how significant they are to the society and how important their dreams are. The think tanks, the policy makers and the educationists have to pave a way for the dreams of these little ones to be cherished. They have to be provided a space of their own in this every growing gyre of events, despite the complexities and odds of life.

We, the management and faculty at L.R.S. D.A.V. Sr. Sec. Model School, Abohar having a staunch belief in our capabilities and realizing our responsibility stand fully committed to nurture the dreams of our children, the future of India with our positive inputs while focusing on their assets and strengths, appreciating their efforts and performances and not only accomplishments; & making them realize finally that they are purposeful, intelligent & creative who can prove themselves as the right caretakers of tomorrow's society.

Extending a very-very warm welcome to the new-entrants as well as my old sons and daughters:

Lovingly and affectionately,



LRS DAV Sr Sec Model School, Abohar